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1. Certificate in Welding and Quality Technician

  • This program is aimed at training candidates for the job of a “Welding and Quality Technician ”, in the “Automotive” Sector/Industry and aims at building the key competencies amongst the learner

2. Certificate in Welding Assistant

  • The Helper role will be involved in performing small time routine jobs like cleaning,washing,fetching and holding tool for the operators, loading and unloading of work pieces on the welding assembly, bringing raw material and spare parts from the stores

3. Certificate in Welding Technician

  • This role is responsible for supporting the Welder/Operator in joining various types of metallic frames, structures, jigs, plates,sheets etc using heating and melting processcreated through electrical powerand gaseous discharge.

4. Certificate in Autimotive Repair Welder

  • this role is similar for all types of joining techniques like Gas Discharge Arc Welding ( MIG, MAG, TIG), Resistance Welding (Spot Welding, Projection Welding, Butt Welding) and Automatic or Robotic and manual welding Process .

5. Certificate in Machining and Quality Technician

  • The role entails setting up and operating a variety of machine tools to produce precision parts, tools and instruments.




Shift Intake
Welding and Quality Technician 25
Welding Assistant 25
Certificate in Welding Technician 25
Automotive Repair Welder 25
Machinig and Quality Operator 25

Core Curriculum: