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B.Sc. Botany


Scope of Botany:
Botany is a branch of biology that deals with the study of plants and their structure, function, growth, origin, distribution, and taxonomy. It can be divided into several different branches, including plant physiology, plant pathology, plant ecology, plant anatomy, plant taxonomy, plant tissue culture, and plant genetics. Its scope varies from the study of individual plant cells to the study of whole ecosystems. It helps us understand how plants work and how they relate to other life forms on Earth. It is also important for the development of medicines, cosmetics, and other products derived from plants. Diversity in plant genetics is a great opportunity for plant breeders to develop new and improved cultivars with desirable characteristics.
Placement Opportunities:
The major employers of plant biologists are higher educational institutions, central and state government agencies, and industries depending on the level of educational training and experience. Some placement opportunities in the public and private sectors for botanists include plant taxonomist, weed scientist, ethnobiologist, plant scientist, plant explorer, conservationist, ecologist, environment consultant, horticulturist, plant biochemist, teacher, online tutor, professor, industrial researcher, botanical explorer, and molecular biologist.