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Medical Laboratory Technology is an applied science dealing with laboratory diagnosis of
diseases. It includes subjects like medical microbiology, immunology, parasitology, clinical
pathology, hematology, transfusion medicine, analytical and clinical biochemistry, histology, and
cytology. Medical technologists and medical laboratory technicians can work in a pharmacy,
clinical laboratories, hospitals, health centers, and diagnostic industries. There are job
opportunities for medical technologists and technicians within the nation and in foreign

1120410101-Fundamentals of Chemistry in Laboratory

1120410102-Biology and Physiology

1120410103-Medical Laboratory test

1120410104-Laboratory instruments and methodology

1120410105-Fundamentals of Chemistry in Laboratory Practical

1120410106-Biology and Physiology Practical

1120410107-Medical Laboratory test Practical

1120410108-Laboratory instruments and methodology Practical

1120410201-Basic Practices in Laboratory (Internship)

1120410202-Seminar Presentation

1120410301-Human Physiology-I

1120410302-Human Anatomy- I


1120410304-Health Education & Health Communication

1120410305-Basic Clinical Laboratory Techniques

1120410306-Basic Laboratory Management

1120410307-Environmental Studies

1120410308- Practical: Human Anatomy and Physiology

1120410309-Practical: Biochemistry-I

1120410310-Practical: Clinical Laboratory Techniques

1120410311-Written & Spoken Communication Skills


1120410401-Human Physiology-II

1120410402-Human Anatomy- II


1120410404-Medical Terminology & Recording

1120410405-Medical Law and Ethics

1120410406-General Microbiology

1120410407-Environmental Studies

1120410408- Practical based on Human Physiology & Anatomy-II

1120410409-Practical based on Biochemistry-II & Medical Terminology & Recording

1120410410-Practical based on General Microbiology

1120410411-Written & Spoken Communication Skills


1120410501-Medical Laboratory Technology

1120410502-Fundamentals of Immunology

1120410503-Haematology & Hematological Disorder-I



1120410506-Metabolism of Biomolecules

1120410507- Microbial Growth & Nutrition

1120410508-Practicals Based on Immunology & Haematology-1 

1120410509 -Practical Based on Enzymology & pathology -1

1120200501-Written & Spoken Communication Skills



1120410601 – Hematology and Hematological Disorder-II

1120410602-Histopathology and Cytology

1120410603-Pathology – II

1120410604-Biomolecules and Metabolism

1120410605-Immunological Disorder

1120410606-Basics of Microbial Techniques

1120410607- Marine Science

1120410608-Practical Based on Hematology, Histopathology and Biomolecules

1120410609-Practical Based on Pathology, Immunology and Microbial techniques 

1120410610-Written and Spoken communication Skill



1120410701 – Medical Microbiology (Bacteriology, Mycology)
1120410702 – Molecular Biology
1120410703 – Medical Virology
1120410704 – Medical Parasitology
1120410705 – Clinical endocrinology and toxicology
1120410706 – Immunohematology and Blood Banking
1120410707 – IPR, Biosafety & Bioethics
1120410708 – Practical based on medical microbiology, molecular biology, toxicology and immunohematology
1120410709 – Language Through Literature
1120410710 – NSS/NCC/Saptadhara

1120410801- Project related to Medical Laboratory Technology

1120410802- Internship related to Medical Laboratory Technology

1120410803- Seminar Presentation

1120410804- Research methodology

1120410805- Yoga