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B.Sc. Biotechnology


Scope of Biotechnology:
Biotechnology, a combination of biology and technology, has immense scope in diverse areas
such as environmental science, medical and healthcare, agricultural biotechnology, marine and
aquatic biotechnology, and biofuels. The subject knowledge can be used to provide products
and technologies such as antibiotics, vaccines, and monoclonal antibodies to combat
debilitating and rare diseases and reduce our environmental stress by creating solutions in water
and land management and also remediating pollution generated by over-industrialization. It has
implications to feed the hungry and to have safer, cleaner, and more efficient industrial
manufacturing processes. Biotechnology has led to a range of new molecular biology
innovations, allowing unprecedented molecular changes to be made to living organisms. The
increasing understanding of genomics and proteomics has driven the creation of a vast range
of transgenic microorganisms, genetically modified crops and animals, and major new
recombinant protein drugs. It has contributed to the growth of the traditional food and drink
Placement Opportunities:
The employment areas, include research and development departments of industries, teaching
institutions, biotechnology and genetic engineering firms, food and drink manufacturers,
horticulture and agriculture organizations, pharmaceutical companies, private sector service
laboratories, and universities and research institutions. The various placement opportunities
after completing the undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs comprise the following;
educator, teacher, research scientist, marketing manager, bioinformatician, quality
control officer, production in-charge, biomanufacturing specialist, business development
manager, product strategist, medical and clinical lab technologist, environmental/safety
specialist, corporate executives, medical scientist. They can also become an entrepreneur
in specific fields of biotechnology

1120200101-Written & Spoken Communication Skills
1120200102-Environmental Studies
1120203101-Introduction to Biotechnology
1120203102-Cell Biology
1120203103-Basic Biochemistry
1120203105-Plant Science
1120203106-Animal Science
1120203107-Biotechnology & Cell Biology Practical
1120203108-Basic Biochemistry & Biomolecules practical
1120203109-Plant Science & Animal Science Practical

1120200201-Written & Spoken Communication Skills
1120200202-Environmental Studies
1120203201-Principles of Genetics
1120203202-Bioinstrumentation – I
1120203203-Cellular Metabolism – I
1120203205-Plant Physiology
1120203206-Mammalian Physiology
1120203207-Genetics & Bioinstrumentation – I Practical
1120203208-Cellular Metabolism – I & Enzymology Practical
1120203209-Plant Physiology & Mammalian Physiology Practical

1120200301-Written & Spoken Communication skills
1120203301-Introduction to Molecular Biology- I
1120203302-Cellular Metabolism-II
1120203303-General Microbiology
1120203305-Developmental Biology -I
1120203306-Biodiversity of Life Forms
1120203307-Molecular Techniques
1120203308-Cell Metabolism – II and Molecular Biology-I Practical
1120203309-Microbiology and Virology Practical
1120203310-Developmental Biology and Biodiversity of Life Forms Practical

1120200401-Written & Spoken Communication skills
1120203401-Introduction to Molecular Biology II
1120203403-Microbial Physiology
1120203404-Medical Microbiology
1120203405-Developmental Biology -II
1120203407-IPR, Entrepreneurship, Bioethics & Biosafety
1120203408-Molecular Biology and Immunology Practical
1120203409-Medical Microbiology and Microbial Physiology Practical
1120203410-Developmental Biology and Chemistry Practical

1120200501-Language Through Literature
1120203501-Recombinant DNA Technology
1120203502-Medical Biotechnology
1120203503-Introduction to Nanobiotechnology
1120203504-Food Biotechnology
1120203505-Bioinformatics & Biostatistics
1120203506-Ecology & Environment Management
1120203507-Bioenergetics & Biophysics
1120203508-Biotechnology Practical

1120200601-Language Through Literature
1120203601-Genomics and Proteomics
1120203602-Industrial Biotechnology
1120203603-Environmental Biotechnology
1120203604-Plant Biotechnology
1120203605-Animal Biotechnology
1120203606-Clinical Hematology
1120203607-Mushroom cultivation and it’s Economic Importance
1120203608-Biotechnology Practical