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a candidate is trained on professional skill, professional knowledge and Employability
skill. In addition to this a candidate is entrusted to undertake project work, extracurricular
activities and on job training to build up confidence. The broad components covered related to
the trade are categorized in two semester of six months duration each

Chemistry of Combustion- Triangle of fire, Fire tetrahedron, classification of fire, fire
behavior, stages of fire, method of fire extinguishment and some important definitions
like, flash point, fire point- ignition temperature, Auto-ignition temperature,
flammability Range etc.
Discipline: – introduction, importance of discipline, General principles of discipline,
essentials for discipline and outward signs.
Fire Extinguishers; – Types of fire extinguishers, method of operation and care &

Hose & hose fittings: types of hose-suction hose, delivery hose, and hose reel hoes,
decay and prevention method of hosed, care & maintenance. Marking & repairing of
hose, standard test of suction hose, types & construction of suction hose. Types of hose
fittings and its use. Branches & nozzles, adapters, breaching, couplings, hose ramps,
collecting heads and other miscellaneous tools and equipment

Fixed firefighting equipment
Fire Detection & suppression systems
Rescue Procedures

Ropes & Lines
Rural Fire
Water Relay
Practical fireman ship
Watch room procedure & mobilizing
Disaster management

Prevention, Public education and Pre-incident planning