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civil engineering


Civil Engineering is a broad field of engineering which involves planning Design, construction maintenance and management of structures or public works.

Civil Engineering deals with construction and maintenance of buildings, bridges, roads, railways, structures, water supply & sewer, Irrigation, power & environment. Alternate Building materials, Green buildings, structural health monitoring, safety and fire practices are the recent developments and the most sought after topics in branch

Our department has a team of qualified and experienced faculty and staff members and we are striving hard continuously to improve upon the quality of education and to maintain its position of leadership in engineering and technology. We always work with the motto “Nothing can be achieved without genuine effort.” The core values of the department help the students to develop their overall personality and make them worthy technocrat to compete and work at global level. Our department has been conducting seminar / conferences since its beginning to keep the faculty and students abreast with the latest developments in the field of technical education.


2030102101- Building Services-Theory
2030100101- Mathematics-I – Theory
2030102102- Environmental Science*-Theory
2030100103- Applied Chemistry*-Theory
2030104101- Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronics Engineering*-Theory
2030101101- Engineering Graphics-Theory
2030102104- Building services-Practical
2030100106- Applied Chemistry*-Practical
2030102106- Engineering Workshop Practice*-Practical
2030104102- Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronics Engineering*-Practical
2030101103- Engineering Graphics-Practical
2030100204- Indian Constitution*-Theory

2030102201- Building Planning and Drawing-Theory
2030102202- Construction Material-Theory
2030100201- Mathematics-II-Theory
2030100109- Physics*-Theory
2030101201- Engineering Mechanics-Theory
2030100104- Communication Skill in English*-Theory
2030102203- Building Planning and Drawing-Practical
2030102204- Construction Material-Practical
2030102205- Computer Aided Design-Practical
2030100110- Physics*-Practical
2030101203- Engineering Mechanics-Practical
2030100107- Communication Skill in English*-Practical
2030100108- Sports & Yoga*-Practical

1030102301- Construction Material-Theory
1030102302- Basic Surveying- Theory
1030102303- Mechanics of Materials-I- Theory
1030102304- Building Construction- Theory
1030102305- Concrete Technology- Theory
1030102306- Geotechnical Engineering- Theory
1030102307- Construction Material-Practical
1030102308- Basic Surveying- Practical
1030102309- Mechanics of Materials-I- Practical
1030102310- Concrete Technology- Practical
1030102311- Geotechnical Engineering- Practical
1030102312- Summer Internship-I

1030102401- Hydraulics- Theory
1030102402- Advanced Surveying- Theory
1030102403- Mechanics of Materials-II- Theory
1030102404- Building Planning and Drawing- Theory
1030102405- Water Resource Engineering- Theory
1030102406- Transportation Engineering- Theory
1030102407- Construction Management- Theory
1030101409- Renewable Energy Technology- Theory
1030102408- Hydraulics-Practical
1030102409- Advanced Surveying- Practical
1030102410- Building Planning and Drawing- Practical
1030102411- Water Resource Engineering- Practical
1030102412- Transportation Engineering- Practical
1030100404- Essence of Indian knowledge and Tradition – Theory

1030102501- Design of Steel Structure-Theory
1030102502- Estimating, Costing and Valuation- Theory
1030102503- Design of Steel Structure-Practical
1030102504- Estimating, Costing and Valuation- Practical
1030102505- Computer Aided Design – Practical
1030102506- Traffic Engineering-Theory
1030102507- Irrigation Engineering-Theory
1030102509- Summer Internship-II
1030102510- Project-I
1030100501- Indian Constitution-Theory
1030101512- 3D Printing-Theory


1030102601- Design of RCC Structure- Theory
1030102602- Public Health Engineering- Theory
1030102603- Construction Quality Control and Monitoring -Theory
1030102604- Design of RCC Structure- Practical
1030102605- Public Health Engineering- Practical
1030102606- Railway Harbour and Tunnel Engineering-Theory
1030103609- Electric Hybrid Vehicle- Theory
1030102608- Project-II
1030102609- Seminar
1030100601- Intellectual Property Rights- Theory