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With competition is growing like anything and competitors are emerging like mushrooms, it is important for management institute to cater the need to society and stand out with par excellence. Under the aegis of Bhagwan Mahavir University, Bhagwan Mahavir College of Management (BMCM) established in the year 2007 is committed to deliver excellent education and training to our students. At BMCM, we believe that it is easy to go with the crowd and follow others in their footsteps, but caring a niche for oneself and standing for what you believe in, makes others proud and emulate you. Hence, BMCM’s first priority is to always ensure that our students compete in the world with their best of talent and confidence.



BMCM Focused Vision is Spreading of Indianisation to Vishwanisation through Excellence in Value Based Education and Transformation of young People in better human Being.

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Our Mission is to fulfill your (Corporate) dream by providing knowledgeable, well trained, dedicated, result-orinted and professional achever-excutives through knowledge transfer partnership, who can translate your vision in to reality.

Quality Objectives


Upon completion of the MBA program, students will:

  • Apply best practices to solve managerial issues
  • Integrate theories and practice to perform strategic analysis
  • Demonstrate effective written forms of communication and oral business presentations
  • Implement leadership skills to work effectively within diverse teams
  • Identify and analyze ethical responsibilities of businesses
  • Apply decision-making techniques, both quantitative and qualitative analysis, to management issues