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The Student Nurses Association

The Student Nurses’ Association, popularly known as SNA, is a nation-wide organization of nursing students.  All students within the nursing curriculum are eligible for membership. Unit meetings are conducted  periodically and whenever necessay. Important days of the year is celebrated in different creative ways by SNA .

1. Mrs.Priyanka Bhatt                          President

2. Mr.Sujith.S                                        SNA Advisor

3. Ms.Komal Patel               Cultural Committe Co-Ordinator

4. Ms.Suzi Patel                                  Oath Committe

5. Mrs.Pinal Patel                Refreshment Committe Co-ordinator

6. Mrs.Mayuri Patel             Stage Committe  Co Ordinator

7. Ms.Megha Patel                 Purchasing Committe CoOrdinator

8. Mr.Janak Patel                                  Vice President

9. Mr.Nirav Rathod                             General Secretary

10. Ms.Pranali Shinde                               Treasurer