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Student Nurses' Association(SNA) Committe


-To play an active role in student Government

-To conduct election for officers

-To plan and publish calendar of activities

Committee Members:

1. Mrs.Priyanka Bhatt             President

2. Mr.Sujith.S                           SNA Advisor

3. Mr.Janak PAtel                   Vice President

4. Mr.Nirav Rathod                General Secretary

5. Mr.Pranali Shinde              Treasurer

6. Mrs.Mayuri Patel                Stage Committe Co ordinator

7. Ms.Maitry Patel                   Decoration Committe Co-ordinator

8. Ms.Megha Patel                  Purchasing Committe Co-Ordinator

9. Ms.Mansi Pal                      Welcome Committe  Co-Ordinator

10. Ms.Shivangi Dabhi           Invitation Committe Co-ordinator

11. Mrs.Rajviba Rajput           Anchoring Committe Co-ordinator

12. Ms.Deepika Chauhan       Disciplin Committe Co-Ordinator

13. Ms.Komal Patel                  Cultutal Committe Co-ordinator

14. Ms.Suzi Patel                      Oath Committe Co-ordinator

15.Mrs.Pinal Patel                    Refreshment Committe Co-ordinator