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Admission Committee

The admission committee is destined to do all the admission related works of the college. This starts with course enquiry by the student and continues until the original documents of the student is given back after the course completion.

Fees Committee

The Fees Committee updates the rules and regulations and circulars regarding fees from time to time to the students and take a follow up of fees left to be paid.

Academic & Activity Calendar

The purpose of the Academic & Activity Committee is to provide leadership and assistance in developing the working flow of BMCCMS.

Research Committee

The Research Committee is an advisory body for the institute management in all matters pertaining to research in the broadest sense.

Attendance committee

To maximize and track the attendance of the students for their career enrichment.

Time-Table Committee

The time Table committee of BMCCMS  recognizes the importance of time and ensures proper utilization for students which makes them organized and uses time effectively to maximize chance of success hence increasing productivity.

Exam Committee

The main function of this Committee is to carry out examinations, publish results and award certificates (provided by the school) to the students who pass the final examinations. Keeping the record of each and every issue related to the examination.

Result Analysis Committee

The committee will analyse the results of semester-end examinations, to enable the students who fail and to arrange remedial classes and encourage them to attend the class.

Education Material Committee

The education material committee collects Subject material underlying the given format on google classroom. Check that the subject Material is provided to students before the commencement of the new chapter.

Student’s Feedback Committee

The committee aims to create a linkage between the students and the management wherein the students can clearly express their views on the teaching patterns, the quality of education imparted, rate the college amenities and much more by which a cycle of continuous improvement can be developed and implemented.

Parents Teacher Meeting Committee

Parent Teacher Association Committee has been constituted to maintain the communication between parents, teachers and the students. This committee coordinates between the Under –Graguate committee, internal assessment committee, attendance committee and mentorship committee to keep a tract of the students’ performance and convey/communicate to their parents. The frequency of the meeting is twice in a semester.

Discipline Committee

Maintains discipline in the institute by corrective or punitive action against acts of indiscipline and disruption by the students in the institute premises.

Anti Ragging Committee

To ensure compliance with the provision of UGC regulation 2009 at the institution level. To monitor and oversee the performance of anti ragging squad in prevention of ragging in the institution.

Drive Management Committee

The role of the drive management committee is to maintain all the documents online in the drive of BMCCMS so that all the information whenever needed can be handy.

Infrastructure & Hygiene Committee

To oversee Institute’s Physical Assets like Buildings, Furniture, Land and Parking etc. to provide best possible infrastructure to each and every department of the Institute and to optimize the space allocation of the Institute for various purposes.

Documentation Infrastructure (Stock Register)

To prepare and ensure that all the important documents are maintain in both hard copy and soft copy. To keep record of every stock.

Sound & Music

To arrange and manage all the sound systems essential to run an event.

Communication Committee

Pass all the official messages to students and faculties through what’s app, Telegram, E-Mail and Google Classroom.

IT Committee (ERP)

To maintain all the important and essential matters relating to the functioning of BMCCMS in BMU ERP. 

Website Committee

To manage and maintain the official website. As a college standing committee, to act as an advising body for the development of college website including its structure, design, policies and procedures. To identify, prioritize and recommend the information presented on website as and when required.

Newsletter Committee

The committee seeks to continuously portray the niche that BMCCMS has been carving for itself since inception.

Event Reports Committee

Take follow up of report uploaded or not on drive.

• Make Check list of report submitted or not. The report must be submitted within 3 working days from the end odd the event.

• Overall Documentation related to report.

Minutes of Meeting Committee

Make minutes of Meeting. (General staff Meeting, Academic Meeting, EventMeeting)

Photography Club

To ensure that the mesmerising moments of various events are captured and uploaded on the college events on the BMCCMS Google drive.

Placement & Industry Interface Committee

An idea Interface between Industry requirements vis a vis students. Aspirations that the right person for the right job is ensured. Making sure the industry benefits from the student in terms of taking up roles and responsibilities and Contributing to the growth of the organization.

Women Development Cell

Inappropriate behaviour towards women staff.

Improper treatment of girl students 

• Passing of unaesthetic and provocative comments and messages. 

• Equips the female students, faculty and staff members with the knowledge of their legal rights.

• Safeguards the rights of female students, faculty and staff members.

Grievance Redressal Cell

A grievance free work environment for BMCCMS.

Grievance Redressal Committee, BMCCMS is created to address the issues of grievance, to decide the merit of the same and to propose a solution to the same, and thus, promoting a transparent and healthy environment within the institution.

Internal Quality Assurance (NAAC)

The core values, BMCCMS abides by are derived from the vision and the efforts to realize it, are -

Accountability and service to all stakeholders

Integrity and fairness in all practices

Instill innovation and creativity

Inclusiveness and care for the marginalized

Resilience and sustainability

Striving for quality and excellence in all actions

Thought leadership and quality consciousness.

Sports, NSS & NCC Cell

To motivate and encourage the students to participate in the various sports activities.

Public Relations & Social Media Committee

To prompt media-both print and audio-visual to cover the events, activities and achievement of BMCCMS.

To communicate the media for the events like: Management fest-Protsahan, Orientation Programme, Freshers and Farewell Party, Youth festival, BMCCMS events BMU.

Students Startup and Innovation Programme Committee

To motivate students for bringing up their start-ups in an innovative way.

Alumni Committee

Responsible for the registration of all the outgoing students as alumni members and maintenance of the database.

Collects and compiles information of the distinguished alumni, viz., their achievements, progress and successful careers.

Memorandum of Understanding Committee

Interacting with the outside world to link them and build an interaction among the students.

Project Reports, Schedules & Management Committee

To guide and enlighten all the students and the staff for the different underlined projects, Their need and importance.