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Bhagwan Mahavir College of Management

Master of Computer Application


Master of Computer Application Program


The Department of Masters in Computer Applications has commenced from the year 2008 at the BHAGWAN MAHAVIR COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT (MCA). From Academic Year 2020 it is a full-time two-year course under AICTE.

The Department provides high valued technical education to its students with the help of its state-of-the-art computing facilities. The Department has a relatively young, yet, experienced and dynamic team composed of Assistant Professors, headed by a scholarly Head of Department. The Department is equipped with the latest hi-tech hardware and software facilities and other peripherals. The Department has two computer laboratories and a server room, which is also under the guidance of an experienced Lab Assistant. The Department provides full support for Training and Placement to its final year students. Along with the latest curriculum, the Department also organizes Vivacity – A Tech Fest – for the all-round development of its students. The Department also organizes workshops, seminars and expert talks on the latest emerging trends of the I.T. industry conducted by expert professionals from the industry, which provides an edge to our students.

The Mission of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering is to:

  • Prepare the students to have a very good fundamental knowledge to meet the present and future needs of industries.
  • Improve the technical knowledge of the students in tune with the current requirements through collaboration with industries and research organizations.
  • Make the students gain enough knowledge in various aspects of system integration.
  • Motivate the students to take up jobs in national laboratories, aircraft manufacturing industries, aerospace industries, airline industries, MRO, AMO, Technical publication companies and all other Aviation related and allied industries of our country.
  • Take up inter and multidisciplinary research, sponsored and consultancy projects with industries and research establishments.
  • Encourage the faculty members and students to do research and to update with the latest developments in the area of Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineering.

Aeronautical Engineering graduates have knowledge of aerodynamics, aerospace materials, structures, propulsion, flight mechanics, and stability and control. They can find opportunities in any of the following categories:

  1. Design or Manufacturing Engineer in the aircraft-manufacturing units
  2. Defense services and research and development organizations
  3. ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and The Defense Ministry
  4. Civil Aviation Department
  5. National Aeronautical Laboratory
  6. Defense Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO) and
  7. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).
  • 2050302101 – Object Oriented Programming using JAVA
  • 2050302102 – Database Management Concepts
  • 2050302103 – Computer Networks
  • 2050302104 – Discrete Mathematics
  • 2050302105 – Software Engineering
  • 2050302106 – Soft Skills & Personality Development 
  • 2050302191 – Object Oriented Programming using JAVA-Practical
  • 2050302192 – Database Management Concepts-Practical
  • 2050302193 – Computer Networks -Practical

2050302201- Python Programming
2050302202 – Essentials of Cloud Computing
2050302203 – Software Testing
2050302291 – Python Programming -Practical
Domain specific subject-I
Domain specific subject-II
Artificial Intelligence
2050302204-Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
2050302205-Neural Network
2050302296 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning – Practical
2050302297-Neural Network – Practical

Networking & Cyber Security
2050302206- Network Security
2050302207- Cyber Security and Digital Forensics
2050302298- Network Security – Practical
2050302299- Cyber Security and Digital Forensics- Practical

Mobile Application Development
2050302208-Mobile Programming using Android
2050302209-Application Development using Flutter
2050302292-Mobile Programming using Android – Practical
2050302293-Application Development using Flutter – Practical

Data Science
2050302210-Data Analytics with R
2050302211-Data Visualization using Tableau
2050302294-Data Analytics with R – Practical
2050302295-Data Visualization using Tableau – Practical

Web Technology
2050302213-Advanced Java
2050302289-CodeIgniter – Practical
2050302290-Advanced Java – Practical

2050302301 – Agile Methodology
2050302302 – Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization
2050302391 – Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization-Practical
Domain specific subject-III
Domain specific subject-IV
Domain specific subject-V
Domain specific subject-III – Practical
Domain specific subject-IV – Practical
Domain specific subject-V – Practical
Artificial Intelligence
2050302303-Natural Language Processing
2050302304-Deep Learning
2050302305-Image Processing
2050302382-Natural Language Processing – Practical
2050302383-Deep Learning – Practical
2050302384-Image Processing- Practical.

Networking & Cyber Security
2050302306- Wireless Network
2050302307- Cyber Laws and Ethics/Cyber Security Management
2050302308- Ethical Hacking
2050302385- Wireless Network- Practical
2050302386- Cyber Laws and Ethics/Cyber Security Management – Practical
2050302387- Ethical Hacking – Practical

Mobile Application Development
2050302309- Mobile Application using Swift
2050302310 – Mobile Application using React Native
2050302311- Mobile Application using Angular JS
2050302392-Mobile Application using Swift-Practical
2050302393-Mobile Application using React Native-Practical
2050302394-Mobile Application using Angular JS-Practical

Data Science
2050302312 -Big Data
2050302313 – Statistical Analysis System Programming
2050302314 -Data Warehousing & Data Mining
2050302395 – Big Data-Practical
2050302396 – Statistical Analysis System Programming-Practical
2050302397- Data Warehousing & Data Mining -Practical

Web Technology
2050302315-Web Application using Laravel
2050302316- Advanced Python
2050302317- ASP.NET Programming
2050302388- Web Application using Laravel – Practical
2050302389- Advanced Python – Practical
2050302390- ASP.NET Programming – Practical

2050302401 – Industrial Project