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Bhagwan Mahavir College of Management



Manali Trip 2023

Seminar on 12th May 2023

On Intersection Of Patience, Passion, Skill, Mastery, And Entrepreneurship

Traditional Day 2023 - MBA

Bollywood Day 2023 - MBA

Inspira 2023 Promotion

Inspira - 1st April 2023 - Photography

Inspira - 1st April 2023

- Share Wars

Inspira - 1st April 2023

- Treasure Hunt

Seminar On 13th April 2023

On 'Abroad Studies' By CareerLine Education Foundation

Alumni Meet 2022 - 2023

Convocation 2023

NSS - National Service Scheme

Mind Spark - Code Without Screen

Mind Spark - Call Of Duty

Mind Spark - Quiz - G20

Mind Spark - Doodle For Google

Mind Spark - Coding Ninja

Signature Day Celebration

Twins Day Celebration

Suit And Saree Day Celebration

E-Poster Presentation On G-20

Seminar On "Software Testing" By IICL

- Indian Institute Of Computer Learning On 15th September, 2022.

Seminar On "Civil Services Awareness"

By Mr. Madhukar Rai On 22nd September, 2022.

Seminar On " Laravel Framework "

By Mr.Vikas Gokhale On 22nd September, 2022.

Two Day Workshop

Of "Soft Skill & Personality Development" On 16 & 17 Sep. 2022


On Fundamental Of Web By Pureskill On 30-08-2022


On Java By Tops Technology On 29-08-2022


National Multidisciplinary E Conference

On Opportunities And Challenges For Indian Business Self Reliance And Development Through Vocal For Local To Global Approach, 2020


Project Expo

Inspira - 1st April 2023 -

The Ultimate Talent