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Mahavir Swami Institute of Architecture

College Committee


Cultural Committee

A committee has been constituted to take care of Institute Cultural events like Spandan, Saptdhara, Independence, Day, Republic day programmes, donation camps and so on. Committee M

Lab in Charge Maintenance Committee

This committee takes the charge of Computer labs, workshop lab, library and survey lab. Moreover, they kepp the records and maintain the same. Committee member - Mrs. Maya Joshi

Digital Marketing Committee

This Committee serves in an oversight role for the BMCA website. As such, they maintain content, ensure the quality of the content, and administer the system and features of Digital platform. The C

Social Media and Website Development Committee

This Committee has been constituted to maintain and update Institute's website and Social Media website. Committee Member - Mrs. Maya Joshi Email - maya.joshi@bmu

Department E.R.P Coordinator

A Committee has been constituted to take care of ERP module of college which is an online platform for conducting classes, assigning assignent and maintaining details about the sudents over college

Internal External Examination Committee

The Examination committee is a body of the Institute which is headed by Examinations In-Charge (EI). The main function of this

Sports Committee

This committee has been constituted to conduct all kinds of college level Sports activities. To conduct intra-oriented- college sports events. To obtain sanction for Entry/Registration Fe

Stock and Maintenance Committee

This committee takes the charge of the material purchase, workshop products, miscellaneous things used for the college requirements. Committee Member - Mrs. Priyanka Rathod

Discipline Committee

The duty of the Discipline Committee is to ensure compliance with the provisions of COA/AICTE Regulations on curbing the Menace and Indiscipline behavior in the campus as well a

Women Development Cell Committee

A Committee has been constituted to take care of college female students and faculty member's development and equality. They provide a platform where students can comfortably participate a