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Bhagwan Mahavir Polytechnic

Automobile Engineering


Automobile Engineering Program


Today, automotive vehicles have become a basic necessity. The automobile industry is growing day by day. People like to invest in new functionalities and features. As the growth of the industry is increasing, the demand for employees and engineers is also increasing. The well-designed curriculum of the institute is of a high standard and substantially conforms to the present trend in the Automobile industry.

In this course, the applicants will gain academic as well as practical knowledge. Automobile engineering is a branch of vehicle engineering, incorporating elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering as applied to the design, manufacture and operation of all types of vehicles and their respective engineering subsystems.

It also includes modification of vehicles and manufacturing. Manufacturing domain deals with the creation and assembling the whole parts of automobiles. The study of automobile engineering is to design, develop, fabricate, and test vehicles or vehicle components from the concept stage to production stage. The Automotive technology is becoming more and more sophisticated with stringent pollution regulations and increased customer awareness.

Our department has dedicated faculty produces competent Diploma Engineers also we have been conducting seminar /Industrial Visit/Training to keep the faculty and students side by side with the latest developments in the field of education

The Mission of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering is to:

  • Prepare the students to have a very good fundamental knowledge to meet the present and future needs of industries.
  • Improve the technical knowledge of the students in tune with the current requirements through collaboration with industries and research organizations.
  • Make the students gain enough knowledge in various aspects of system integration.
  • Motivate the students to take up jobs in national laboratories, aircraft manufacturing industries, aerospace industries, airline industries, MRO, AMO, Technical publication companies and all other Aviation related and allied industries of our country.
  • Take up inter and multidisciplinary research, sponsored and consultancy projects with industries and research establishments.
  • Encourage the faculty members and students to do research and to update with the latest developments in the area of Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineering.

Aeronautical Engineering graduates have knowledge of aerodynamics, aerospace materials, structures, propulsion, flight mechanics, and stability and control. They can find opportunities in any of the following categories:

  1. Design or Manufacturing Engineer in the aircraft-manufacturing units
  2. Defense services and research and development organizations
  3. ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and The Defense Ministry
  4. Civil Aviation Department
  5. National Aeronautical Laboratory
  6. Defense Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO) and
  7. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

2030103101-Engineering Material- Theory

2030100101-Mathematics – I -Theory

2030101101-Engineering Graphics-Theory

2030102103-Basics of Civil Engineering-Theory

2030104101-Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronics Engineering-Theory

2030100204-Indian Constitution- Theory

2030102102-Environmental Science – Theory

2030103102-Engineering Material-Practical

2030101102-Engineering Graphics-Practical

2030101105-Engineering Workshop Practice-Practical

2030102105-Basics of Civil Engineering-Practical

2030104102-Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronics Engineering-Practical

2030103201-Thermodynamics & Hydraulics- Theory

2030103202-Automobile Engine- Theory


2030100201-Engineering Mechanics-Theory

2030100104-Communication Skill in English-Theory

2030103204-Automobile Trade Practice- Practical

2030103203-Automobile Engine- Practical


2030100202-Engineering Mechanics-Practical

2030103205-Computer Applications and Graphics-Practical

2030100107-Communication Skill in English-Practical

2030100108-Sports and Yoga– Practical

1030103301-Automobile Engines -Theory

1030103302-Automobile Transmission & Mechanism – Theory 

1030103303-Automobile Electrical System – Theory 

1030103304-Fuels & Lubricants – Theory

1030103305-Automobile Pollution Control Engineering – Theory 

1030103306-Automobile Component Design- Theory 

1030103307-Automobile Engines -Practical

1030103308- Automobile Transmission & Mechanism – Practical

1030103309-Automobile Electrical System – Practical

1030103310-Fuels & Lubricants -Practical

1030103311-Automobile Pollution Control Engineering -Practical

1030103312- Summer Internship – I

1030103401-Vehicle Body Engineering- Theory

1030103402-Vehicle Kinematics & Dynamics- Theory

1030103403-Modern Vehicle Technology – Theory

1030103404-Motor Vehicle Act- Theory

1030103405 -Vehicle Body Engineering- Practical

1030103406-Modern Vehicle Technology – Practical

1030103407-Automobile trade Practice- Practical

1030100404-Essence of Indian knowledge and Tradition