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Bhagwan Mahavir College of Hotel Management

Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology


Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology Program

Imagine a college program where you not only learn about hotels, restaurants, and cooking but also become a pro at making guests happy. That's what the Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (BHMCT) program is all about. You can find it in colleges all over the world, and it's your ticket to an exciting journey through the world of hospitality and cooking.

What’s the BHMCT Program?

  • The Bachelor of Hotel Management & Catering Technology program is like a treasure chest of knowledge about hotels, cooking, and making people feel welcome. It usually takes about four years to complete, and it covers everything from managing hotels to cooking delicious dishes.

You will learn

1. Hotel Management You’ll get a sneak peek behind the scenes of the hotel industry. This includes how to run the front desk, keep hotel rooms clean, manage restaurants, and even plan big events.

2. Cooking Delights The program also teaches you how to cook like a pro. You’ll learn cooking techniques, how to plan menus, and how to keep food safe. Plus, you’ll get to work in real kitchens.

3. Bringing in Guests Understanding how to make hotels and restaurants appealing to guests is important. The program dives into marketing strategies tailored for the hospitality world.

4. Catering Magic From organizing big banquets to small gatherings, you’ll become a pro at catering. You’ll learn how to manage events and make sure food and service are top-notch.

5. Business Basics Knowing the fundamentals of business is key. You’ll explore finance, managing people (human resource management), and how to make smart plans.

6. Travel Know-How You’ll also discover the world of travel and tourism. This includes understanding travel trends, how to manage travel, and providing great service to travelers.