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Bhagwan Mahavir College of Architecture

Student Committee


Cultural Committee

It shall ensure active participation of the college in the extra-curricular, literary, non-literary activities by the students of the college. It shall oversee/organize the college programme.
1. Vaibhav Kakadiya
2. Sahal sheikh

Sports Committee

This committee is responsible for obtaining permission to hold sports events in the college campus. To conduct intra-oriented- college sports activity, inter college sports competition, to celebrate national sports day etc.
1. Darshan Chotaliya
2. Parth Ravrani

Student Activity Committee

The goal of the committee is to provide leadership and assistance in developing student programs and other youth interested in range management. Objectives of the committee are to encourage more and more students to participate in all the activities
1. Dhruvin Kachadiya
2. Pranav Patel

Anti Ragging Committee

Anti ragging committee is formed to prevent ragging and to create a harmonic environment in the premises of the college. To prohibit any conduct by any student or students whether by words or by actions. students can any day take help from such committee if facing any problem.
1. Nimit Dadhaniya
2. Anshu Agarwal

Student Body

Student body is the group of students involving 5-6 students from each year, who are involved in providing helping hand to the institute for various of activities conducted at university.
1. Chairman - Vatsal Vekariya
2. Treasurer - Hepil Vekariya