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About BMSD

Bhagwan Mahavir University is one among the few organization selected to be part of the initiative of skill development activity. As a part of the skill development activity, Bhagwan Mahavir University has started Bhagwan Mahavir Center for Skill Development for the betterment of unemployed youth of south Gujarat and it was inaugurated by Hon’ble Shri. Dharmendra Pradhan Union Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India. Our foundation trustee’s vision is to impart technical skills for youth. Develop the skills based training in various sector and increase employability skill in youth to contribute in Nation Building.

Certificate Courses

Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of growth and development in any field of specialization. The countries with better and higher levels of skilled professionals adjust more effectively to the challenges and opportunities of globalization. A basic problem with our skill development system is that it is non-responsive to the demands of the market. The demand and supply mismatch on several counts: number, quality and skill types.

Therefore, in order to develop the skills of our youth in various fields, directly or indirectly related to industries, the Institute has started more than twenty Skill Development Courses with the following objectives:

To provide skill development vocational training to school leavers, existing employees, experts, health workers etc. to improve their employability by optimally utilizing the infrastructure available in Bhagwan Mahavir University.

Diploma / Advance Diploma / Bachelor in Vocational:

Vocational or skill-based education is becoming more and more significant with passing time. BVoc (Bachelor of Vocation) is an emerging course in India that aims at providing adequate skills required for a particular trade to candidates. The course is different from traditional academic programmes as it deals more with application-based studies rather than focusing on only theoretical knowledge.

BVoc is a three-year duration undergraduate course that can be pursued in a wide range of fields starting from healthcare, food technology and hospitality to creative fields like graphic designing and beauty & wellness. One of the biggest advantages of pursuing BVoc against common degree courses is that a candidate has multiple exit points during the programme and continued industry exposure. This means that if a candidate is unable to complete his/ her BVoc course, s/he has is still awarded a diploma after successful completion of first year or advanced diploma after successful completion of second year. Apart from this, the work experience candidates gain during the course increases their chances of getting a job. Bhagwan Mahavir University offer BVoc courses in tie-up with different industries.

Master in Vocational

M.Voc. stands for Master of Vocation. It is a Master’s Degree course. Technically, it is a vocational training program. It is an ideal PG course for B.Voc. graduates. M.Voc. course was introduced so that B.Voc. graduates could go for Master’s Degree in vocational education after completing their B.Voc. education.

M.Voc. stands for Master of Vocation. As the name suggests, this is a vocational training program. Looking from academic level’s point of view, this is a Master’s Degree course. The academic program is one year long. Students who have completed B.Voc. or relevant Bachelor’s Degree course are eligible to apply for M.Voc. admission. M.Voc. is a relatively new course. This course was introduced by the UGC. The UGC created this course format with the aim of developing the quality of vocational education in India.

Like B.Voc., M.Voc. curriculum too focuses on practical training and knowledge. The curriculum consists of ample amount of practical training sessions, laboratory sessions and workshops. Like B.Voc., the main aim of M.Voc. course is to develop industry-specific skills in candidates. The main difference between B.Voc. and M.Voc. course is the academic level that they belong to. B.Voc. course belongs to UG level. M.Voc. course belongs to PG level. B.Voc. course imparts UG level skills among students. M.Voc course imparts PG level/advanced skills among students. What this program actually does is – make candidates industry-ready. By developing industry-specific skills, students will be able to find decent jobs in relevant sectors/domains/industries.



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