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College of Commerce and Management Studies

Your Bright Future

is our mission


Greetings from Bhagwan Mahavir College of Commerce and Management Studies!

The Institute has already marked its presence as a leading teaching Institute. Its strengths and standing are best evidenced by the quality of the students admitted in various programs and well qualified faculty.

We believe our appeal as a college rests in our strong sense of community. With the support of highly qualified faculty members and excellent infrastructure I hope we shall be able to continue to add to the professional development of the individuals and the country. In such a secure setting, students are free to challenge themselves and take risks that will lead them to realize their full potential. More importantly you will find a college with warm culture and environment. We assure that BMCCMS students and their parents will find themselves as a part of an extraordinarily friendly community, a college that is welcoming, warm and unpretentious and one where the students and the staff get on exceptionally well together.

Although we maintain the traditional values, we are keenly aware of the kind of knowledge and find openness to adopting new teaching ideas. It is this combination of tradition and innovation that will prepare our students for continued success in their life.

BMCCMS addresses the intellectual, social and ethical needs of the college students in a supportive atmosphere. Priority for us is welfare of the students. The Institute is committed to equity and promoting talent without any prejudice. I strongly believe, like me you would also love to enjoy the proud privilege of becoming a part of this Institute.



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